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Moving to the Algarve

Your resource for before, during and after purchasing your property in the Algarve

​The Algarve is one of the most desirable and sought after multi-cultural destinations in the world with over 300 days of sunshine a year, amazing beaches, historic towns and cities, a main airport, incredible food & drink and properties for every taste, style and budget.

So, you have bought your Algarve property but what do you do next?

Below, with over 15-years experience', we have put together a list of legal, tried, tested and reputable trades and services to help you with the next step - making your property how you want it - your own!

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Moving from one property to another in one country can be stressful enough let alone moving to another country!

Let Algarve Removals take the strain from the UK to Portugal.

Specialist removal services to and from the UK and Portugal.

All removal services undertaken including packing.

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"Elite Traders - great reputation, reliable and trustworthy to pack and transport all of your possensions from the UK to the Algarve"

Renovation Services
Pedigree Renovation


Whether the property is modern, classic or traditional, choosing the correct building / renovation team to make your property how you want it is key.

You need a company that can speak your language, can bring the best trades together in harmony and manage the project and schedules.

With teams of builders, painters, decorators, electricians, plumbers, tilers, window installers, artisans - we have everything you need to make your property a home.

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"Elite Traders - years of experience with experienced teams of professionals and skilled trades."

Pedigree Interiors
Pedigree Interiors


Decorating and furnishing the interior of your property is very personal and need a personal touch from someone who understands colours, styles and how to bring them together whether the style is contemporary or modern.

Tailored, custom and bespoke interior solutions including cabinetry, wall coverings and furniture.

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"Elite Traders - amazing bespoke furniture in all styles, materials and colours"

Home Cinema


When it comes to audio & video needs, there is only one company worth talking about.

With over 15-years experience, qualified and certified, ProjectionDreams has the largest body of work in Portugal including television installations through to bespoke and fully custom home cinemas in multi-million euro properties.

With three showrooms in the Algarve (Almancil, Praia da Luz & Carvoeiro) they are the company to go and see.

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"Elite Traders - incredible body of work with stunning installations and a great reputation"

Solar Panels


Renewable energy is key to saving money on heating and electric costs in the Algarve.

There are many companies who install renewable energy systems including solar panels for heating and photovoltaic but few have the qualifications and are certified to not only install but also to legally register the systems with the authorities.

ENAT are the leaders in the Algarve and are the ones to call - English spoken.

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"Elite Traders - very knowledgable and technically proficient company"

FreeForm Swimming Pool
Pedigree Outdoor


With over 300 days of sun every year, making the most of the outdoor of your new property is as important as the inside.

If you have the space, swimming pools, artificial grass, landscaping and an outdoor entertainment area will not only add value to your property but give hours of fun with family and friends.

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"Elite Traders - excellent work from this company - their free-form pools are perfect for the region.,

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